Can I go out on the street?

Can I go out on the street?

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As a child, I used to enjoy going out on the street and playing with my friends. Most of you probably agree with me. Unfortunately, today, many children do not have the opportunity to go out on their own as a result of wrong urbanization. Most neighborhoods lack a playground, a garden. For this reason, children can only meet their curfew needs with the help of their families and schools. Experts warn their families about the sensitivity of the subject and say, gelişim If you do not adequately meet your child's need as a family, your child may experience various developmental disorders. ”

Perhaps many of you may think this article is a delayed article, but I believe I'm definitely on the right schedule. Because many families end most of the outdoor activities with the end of summer holidays or the opening of schools. He says that we have done enough outdoor activities during the summer anyway and they believe this decision is correct. However, this idea is quite wrong, as well as the development and health of children is quite inconvenient. Children who have enjoyed the outdoors during the summer will suddenly experience adaptation problems and be judged against the school when they are suddenly away from these activities.

In order to reduce such problems, you can create opportunities and spend time outdoors with your child even after schools start or after you return to work.

What can you do?

? Go out with your child at every opportunity and make the most of the last warm summer weather for yourself and your child. Remember, it can be a nice opportunity to explore the environment you live with your child!

? If you have a house with a garden, try to spend as much time with your child in the garden as possible. Balconies can be a good solution if you don't have a garden. You can do a variety of activities using your garden or balcony. How Does?
a. If you have never looked at the sky with your child all summer, you can create opportunities for it as soon as possible. b. You can carry your painting materials to these places (garden, balcony…) so that your child can have more fun and feel more free. You can also minimize the cleaning problems that may occur inside the house.
c. You can create different play environments for your child by using different materials by using these places. For example, you can build a play house from a tent or cardboard.
D. You can try to grow plants so that your child can have an idea of ​​how a plant grows and how the seasons affect plants.

? I know many of you complain about endless materials, but you can deal with this problem by talking to your child and making a plan.

? If your child has an opportunity to play with other children on the street, let him or her use the opportunity. By making friends, your child will both socialize and increase his confidence. In addition, they will have more fun.

? Every moment you're out there seems to be an opportunity to teach your child about nature, and in the process give him various information about nature. For example, you can tell your child that when the weather gets cold, birds migrate and fish begin to swim deeper.

Points to Consider:

? When you spend time outdoors with your child, make sure that the environment is safe so that nothing can break your happiness. (Please choose places where traffic is not heavy !!!)

? When you take your child out, try to determine the clothing according to the environment. For example, if you take a child to the park, dressing him in tight clothes will limit his movements and reduce the enjoyment of his game.

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