Can sports be performed during pregnancy?

Can sports be performed during pregnancy?

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You are going through a very special period. Your lifestyle is changing. Every day your baby grows and grows a little more. You are waiting for the moment when you will see your baby's face and embrace it. Physiotherapist Oya Koçer from the Physiomed Exercise Health and Slimming Center “It is very important that you are healthy while you are giving birth to a healthy baby, a conscious exercise program and balanced nutrition along with your doctor's control and suggestions.”

During your pregnancy, you notice a significant change and growth in the internal organs and external appearance of your body. Exercises make it easier to adapt to the newly gained shape and weight gain of the body. Appropriate exercise and relaxation program to prepare your body for birth better.

Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

• The posture of the body is maintained properly, reducing back pain and fatigue.
• Relaxation by providing mobility of hip and waist area.
• Prevents varicose veins and edema by assisting circulation in legs.
• Protects the body against weight gain.
• Maintains elasticity and strength of pelvic and abdominal muscles and ensures good operation during delivery,
• Teaches necessary breathing and relaxation during childbirth.
• Prepares for mental birth
• Strengthened muscles support the body after cesarean births.
• With the growth of the abdomen, the waist curve increases and low back pain occurs. Low back pain is prevented by regular exercise.

A more comfortable and healthy pregnancy

Walking alone is inadequate for problems such as low back pain, edema and muscle pain during pregnancy.
Natural therapies for low back pain, sciatica, leg cramps, varicose veins, constipation, hemorrhoids, insomnia, gas, heartburn, gingival bleeding, nasal congestion, sweating, cracking, frequent urination, swelling of the hands and feet can be reduced or eliminated by exercise and breathing methods. Oya Koçer said, egzersiz Exercise programs that you can participate with the consent of your doctor in the fourth month of pregnancy consist of exercises that you can easily perform and enjoy at every period. Regardless of the type of birth of mothers, exercise; it is necessary for the harmony and health of the body during pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal processes. ”

What do the participants of the pregnant gymnastics program say?

More professionals named Merve Aktaş

"4. I'm coming from the month. I'm eight months pregnant now. I'm having a very comfortable pregnancy. My weight is controlled. No edema occurred. Exercise ends when we get tired. Miss Oya gives us confidence. I'm relieved to know that I've been trained by a controlled, expert. At the end of each exercise there is a İletişim Communication with My Baby ”section, which can be called a kind of meditation. It affects us positively. It makes us happy to communicate with our baby..

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Var In addition to its physical benefits, it also has psychological benefits. This is the inter-pregnant co-therapy. You can see pregnant women who have different periods and exchange experiences. This allows you to have a conscious pregnancy. I recommend this program not only to mothers who think about normal birth but also to those who think about caesarean section. First of all, these exercises ensure that the pregnancy is comfortable and healthy. ”

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