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Vacation with child!

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Came to the expected holidays. Many people will leave the stress and fatigue of a whole year behind and will be renewed both spiritually and physically. However, illnesses do not like going on holiday and can catch you in your happiest moment. Therefore, it is always necessary to take precautions against diseases. In particular, allergy or asthma patients and children with this disease should take more precautions.Acıbadem Hospital Allergic Diseases Specialist View Gülden's Full Profile Iler There will be some points that people with allergic disease and asthma should take some precautions before going on holiday and pay attention during the holidays, ”he says.

Dr. Pashaoglu, asthma and allergy patients during the holidays should pay attention to the points under the following headings:

Travel by car, bus and train

 • Ventilate your vehicle at least 10 minutes before boarding the vehicle by operating the ventilation system or opening the windows. In this way, remove house dust mites, pollen and fungi from the vehicle.

 • Try to stay away from heavy air traffic, dirty areas. Choose to travel late at night or early in the morning, where there is less air pollution.

 • If you or a member of your family is using a nebulizer, be sure to take the device with you. Keep in mind that you can operate this device with the cigarette lighter system in your vehicle if necessary.

Air travel

 • If you have severe asthma and need to use oxygen occasionally, keep in mind that you will need it during a flight. Before boarding the plane, inform the staff in the area of ​​your oxygen requirement and ensure that it is available. In addition, carry your medicines with you, especially in your hand luggage, when necessary.

 • Warn against inhalation of inhaled airborne allergens such as house dust mite, cat, dog hair or fungus.

 • If you have a food allergy, ask for the contents of the food to be served on the plane, and if you have a serious allergic reaction with any of the foods, have antiallergic medications (eg, epinephrine kit, which can be injected yourself) in case of emergency.

 • Keep in mind that your current sinusitis or ear infection may cause severe pain during your flight. Be sure to be treated before the holiday, or postpone your holiday until recovery.

Hotel Rooms

 • Hotel rooms are generally covered with beds suitable for house dust mites, wall-to-wall carpets, furry armchairs and thick curtains. To stay, choose hotels with anti-allergic bedding, carpet on the floor, thick fluffy curtains on the wall, no armchairs, and dust-free rooms.

 • If you are susceptible to mushrooms, ask for sun-free rooms that are not damp, away from the indoor pool or hammam.

 • If you are sensitive to any animal, make sure it is not available at the hotel.

 • In temperate and humid areas, you are at greater risk of exposure to house dust mites, fungi and some special pollens. Always contact your allergy specialist before going to such places. Take the recommended medications with you.

 • In case of emergency, make sure you have a doctor where you go, and record your doctor's phone.

 • Take the necessary precautions by finding out whether your health insurance is also valid at your destination (especially when traveling abroad).

 • If you have a device that measures the airway flow we call peak peak flow meter kontrolü for your asthma control and urgent medication needs, take it with you.

Visits to Bayram

Even if you don't go on holiday, holidays are risky for asthma and allergy sufferers. Here are some suggestions:

 • Those with food allergies are at great risk during the holidays. The most common allergic reactions are nutrients such as milk, eggs, nuts, peanuts, soy, wheat, fish and seafood. Avoid intake of foods that you know to cause an allergic reaction. Do not forget to carry with you antiallergic drugs that you can apply yourself.

 • It is a known fact that asthmatic patients frequently attack because of allergen exposure, influenza infection, cigarette smoke, and air pollution. In this respect, it is useful to pay attention not to be in crowded, dirty, smoking environments during the feast trips, and not to hug or kiss too much with people.

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