Why normal birth?

Why normal birth?

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Normal birth which is a purely physiological process; spontaneous pain between 38-42 weeks of pregnancy and the head of the baby without harm to himself and his mother through the vagina is separated from the mother's body. 96% of vaginal deliveries occur with head presentation. All arrivals except head presentation are not normal births. The mother can start her daily activities, eat whatever she wants, care for her baby and breastfeed her baby within a few hours after normal birth. The hospitalization process is shorter in normal birth, which is less respectful to the mother's anatomy and is less traumatic. Since postpartum recovery and normal life is short, normal birth is more economical. The oxytocin hormone, which makes the uterus contract, facilitates the arrival of breast milk. Normal delivery is also advantageous for the baby. The baby's lungs float in the womb, the water is filled with water. During the normal birth, the baby is contracted and contracted, preparing to breathe out the fluid in the lungs. The emotional bond between the mother and the baby occurs in a shorter period of time. Lack of knowledge of mothers and exaggerated birth stories told. In addition, normal birth also has some disadvantages. One of them is; is not able to set the date and time of birth in advance. Birth can start any day at any time of the day. If I don't get professional help when my birth starts, her anxiety will scare the expectant mother and lead to cesarean delivery. This problem can be overcome by guaranteeing professional assistance at any time of the day. The second important reason is exaggerated labor pains that are explained to mothers. Nowadays, with the advances in analgesia and increasing experiences in epidural anesthesia, the expectant mothers feel the miraculous taste of normal birth and the unpleasant odor of pain while they live the unique odors of their babies. The mother is taken out of her body. Cesarean section delivery is not an alternative mode of delivery. It is an emergency form of delivery that is used to give birth as soon as possible in the presence of a mother and / or baby problem. It is important to note that normal birth can jeopardize the health of the mother and that the baby cannot pass through the birth canal or harm the baby. In recent years, doctors' confidence in themselves has improved, especially in hospital and operating room conditions and the improvement in anesthesia techniques, although there is no specific medical reason, expectant mothers have preferred cesarean delivery instead of normal birth. In our opinion, the decision of cesarean section without a medical reason is not the correct approach. At the same time, it is more difficult for the mother to take care of her baby and to breastfeed her because the healing process is long. Kamil Kurt, cesarean delivery unless a medical obligation should not be preferred, he says.

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