Lubricant after pregnancy

Lubricant after pregnancy

Hormonal during pregnancy
changes, increase sexual desire. Contrary to what is known in this time, the relationship
is not prohibited. The male's genitals, the baby during intercourse
but it does not reach such a rumor among the public. Something like this medically
It is not possible. However, the expectant mother, to enter into the relationship during pregnancy
should not act without contacting his doctor.

After giving birth with the mother's tired body and baby
having to deal with it can push him into sexual reluctance. This is fine
It is normal. Changing physiological changes during pregnancy, the mother
psychologically negatively. Especially during the postpartum period
that is, in the 6-week period following birth
as well as psychological rest. The body of this period is old
should be rested to find hormonal balance.

Although variable after birth mother, psychological
may vary. Don't feel inadequate, ugly
feeling negative. These feelings are the same
At the same time, the mother can also live with her husband in bed. In this case, his wife's patience and
need to be savvy.

Sexual life after pregnancy

Prolactin hormone that increases during lactation
suppresses the hormone estrogen and the hormone
it causes sexual reluctance in pressure and causes libido to fall.
After the end of the lactation period prolactin hormone, the level of blood in the old
and the mother begins to enjoy her sexual life.

Estrogen hormone suppression of the female hormone,
may cause vaginal dryness. A comfortable sexual intercourse against this dryness
It is suitable to use lubricant gel after pregnancy.

After the birth of couples sexual life again
when they begin, they must be understanding towards each other. Especially
it would be better for the mother to be understanding and patient.

Insomnia and fatigue, disrupting sexual life
can also cause. It should be noted that this period is also temporary. After birth
father who treats the mother more understanding and patience, the mother in the care of the baby
the “good father meyen, who does not spare his help, will appear more attractive to the mother.