What are the symptoms of false birth?

What are the symptoms of false birth?

Differences Between False Symptoms and True Symptoms

Towards the end of the pregnancy, there are many changes in the expectant mothers compared to their former condition. One of these is the actual symptoms of the birth.

Considering these symptoms, you may think that birth will occur in the very near future. There are no symptoms that make many expectant mothers suspicious about this issue. In short, whether the symptoms belong to a real birth or a false birth can cause suspicion and misleading of mothers.

These symptoms are not actual births but false births. All pregnant women experience these symptoms during their pregnancy. Therefore, if these symptoms are well known, you can distinguish false symptoms from true birth symptoms. So what are the symptoms that are not heralding the true birth and mislead the mothers?

Real Birth SymptomsFalse Birth Symptoms
Back and Waist PainPain in the lower abdomen
Continuous, Regular and Increasing PainsShort Term and Irregular Pains
Continuous Baby MovementsShort Term Baby Movements
Bloody and Red CurrentBrown Current
  1. Real birth symptoms Back and Waist severe pain is felt. False birth sign is seen in the lower abdomen. This pain that we are talking about is a pain that makes pregnant women mistaken and makes them think that they are experiencing real labor.
  2. Contractions in actual birth symptoms are seen in a continuous, regular and progressive manner. This is not the case of false birth symptoms. The contractions here are short-term, irregular and in the form you pass, for example, when you change your sitting position.
  3. When birth symptoms are real baby's movements are noticeably long-lasting and the baby is in constant motion. In the case of a false birth, your baby's movements are short-lived.
  4. Experiences when birth symptoms are real vaginal discharge is bloody and red. When you pay attention to your vaginal discharge and notice that it is a brown-like color, remember that this may not be a real sign of birth.