Baby Development

24 Month Baby Development

24 Month Baby Development

  • Even if not all of his clothes, he can start putting on some clothes.
  • You can play with many toys; throw balls, set up their own games with babies or cars.
  • You can observe that it is becoming a little different in painting and drawing.
  • He could start brushing his teeth.
  • He can start making sentences of two to three words.
  • He started to socialize more and make friends.
  • Don't be afraid, you may notice that you are more angry and from time to time you are angry. Get ready for 2 years old syndrome. 🙂
  • Imagination continues to develop rapidly.

24 Months Baby Feeding

The 2-year-old baby should receive adequate and balanced amounts from each food group.

You can take the four-leaf clover model as an example for your baby's feeding. Each leaf of the four-leaf clover pattern represents a food group. If you bring a four-leaf clover right in front of your eyes, you can understand what I mean. 🙂

  • Top leaf of clover; dairy products
  • Right leaf; meat, eggs, legumes
  • Lower leaf; vegetables and fruits
  • Left leaf; represents grains.

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Vitamin D is a must! You should ensure that your baby receives plenty of vitamin D to support the development of this period. Therefore, go to the sun, make sure to take small strolls in sunny weather.

How Much Weight Should a 24 Month Old Baby Have?

A 24-month-old male baby weighs an average of 13 kg and a 24-month-old female baby weighs an average of 12 kg.

If you think your baby is gaining weight and you are wondering why, my baby is gaining weight, why? You can read our article.

24 Months Baby Height How Many cm Should Be?

  • 24 months old baby girl height limit: 80 cm
  • 24 months old baby girl height upper limit: 92 cm
  • 24 months old baby boy height lower limit: 82 cm
  • 24 months old baby boy height upper limit: 93 cm

24 Months Sleep

Your baby during this period It can sleep around 12-13 hours. You can now reduce daytime sleep if you want. So you can sleep more healthy at night.

At the same time, 24-month-old babies start to be affected and feared by the events they are going through. So nightmares can begin.

It is very important to ensure that it is in a peaceful environment not only at night but also during the day to ensure a comfortable and peaceful sleep.

Development of Coarse and Fine Motor Skills of 24 Months Old Baby

Your baby's rough motor skills are as advanced as they can run. As you walk outside, you can observe that she is feeling more free. You can easily drink water from the glass, most of the meals can eat on their own.

As for the fine motor skills, A baby who is 2 years old can now distinguish shapes. Understand the differences of circle, square, triangle shapes and use them in their games. Start building towers from cubes. Lego can play with toys to combine, separate, create different shapes. He loves to play with buttons, the lights of the house and the controls have become the most entertaining toys for him. 🙂

Caution: Your baby may be eager to open bottle caps at this age. Therefore, you must keep the chemical-containing bottles out of reach.

Age 2 Syndrome

During this period, your baby is very angry, you may feel worried. Remember, this is a very natural and healthy process for them. As babies explore the area, their concerns increase and they start to question. The fact that she is gradually getting away from breast milk and spending more time with the people around her shows the possibility of experiencing many changes of emotion during the day.

In this case he feared 2 years old syndrome begins. But don't be afraid! The process may be easier if you prepare yourself as a parent first.

First of all, you should choose to be happy by being aware that this process is temporary and that your child is reacting to the growth phase. Although there are movements from time to time that will make you very angryThey want to measure your reaction and get to know people. For this they can push the limits a little. 🙂

How to Treat a Child with 2-Year-Old Syndrome?

If you are having anger attacks, if you want to do exactly the opposite of what you say, make sure to communicate with him eye to eye. Try to break his stubbornness by giving rewards instead of punishment. Your scent and love will be enough for him to calm down. 🙂

24 Month Baby Toys

We talked about your baby's ability to distinguish shapes during this period… That's why it would be very useful to buy cube toys for him. Toys that can match shapes, distinguish colors and feel successful will manage it for a long time.

2-year-old babies, they also love to play with dolls or cars. Gradually they begin to play and spend time alone with these toys.

To support your baby's intelligence development, books of animals, shapes, colors You can also choose. This way you will have fun and learning.

Shopping Advice - Buy

You can find books that tell you about the shapes and colors you can find at ebebek for your 24-month-old baby, read other parents' reviews and buy them at affordable prices.

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