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7 Things You Need to Know About Premature Babies!

7 Things You Need to Know About Premature Babies!

7 Things You Need to Know About Premature Babies!

Yes, parents know that they will give birth to a tiny baby, feed it, fulfill their care needs and this process will be very tiring. They risk all these sacrifices when deciding to conceive.

But no one is prepared to give birth to a premature baby. Because how much is everything planned and under control no matter premature birth is not planned in advance and premature babies they can enter your life suddenly.

7 things you need to know about premature babies can help you get through the process more easily in a possible preterm birth.

What is Premature Baby?

Pregnancy, on average 9 months and 10 days; so almost 40 weeks is an ongoing process.

From the moment of pregnancy to birth, the baby continues to grow and develop in the womb. Therefore, every day in the womb is valuable. The baby was born between 38 and 42 weeks of age and all the organs were sufficiently developed to work without any support.

But In 37 weeks born baby, called premature baby

Premature Birth is a Special Condition, Not an Extraordinary Situation!

Because of the inadequate medical facilities in the old times, preterm babies were much less likely to survive.

However, thanks to developing technology, equipped hospitals and experienced doctors, the babies who are born prematurely can continue their health growth. On average the probability of a baby being prematurely born %10-12 It is around.

This rate is not very low and this phenomenon is not an extraordinary situation.

As soon as you take the necessary measures your little puppy as soon as possible development level of peers It will grow.

The characteristics of premature babies are different from the babies born in time!

If you have given birth before the normal pregnancy; more than other babies born in your baby's time is delicate and special care need to know

In order to provide a different and detailed care in terms of baby care compared to other mothers, you should first know your baby and premature baby characteristics You need to learn about.

  • The latest organs developing in the womb are the lungs. Therefore, respiratory failure is one of the most prominent premature infant characteristics.
If your baby is prematurely born, it may remain in the ICU for several days, weeks, or even months, depending on the need for lung development.
  • Because their immune demands are very low, their bodies are vulnerable to diseases. Therefore, if possible, your baby in the newborn intensive care unit should remain.
  • Since the body does not remain in the womb enough to store enough fat, the fat layer in their bodies is very thin. The thin fat layer is insufficient to maintain the body temperature and there is a constant imbalance in the temperature value. When the baby has a fever, the body temperature may suddenly drop below the average value.
  • Tiny intestines blood in the stool visible.
  • Reflexes are weak. Therefore there are lethargic images. Some premature babies have poor sucking reflexes The mouth is fed with a hose.
  • One of the most striking features of premature baby is the swollen abdomen. Since the intestines of the premature miniature do not develop well, they cannot fully digest nutrients. This digestive problem causes the baby's belly to appear swollen, causing gas and frequent vomiting problems.

Premature babies can experience intense stress and sadness for their parents!

Parents begin to make organization plans for the day the baby is born two months in advance.

The hospital is determined to be born, puerpera night dress, fancy slippers, accessories, baby's clothes, birth photographer, chocolates, cookies…

But things don't always go as planned. Your little baby may be a little hasty to come into the world

Premature babiesstays in the neonatal intensive care unit for a while. Some babies may not be able to breastfeed in the first few weeks and will have to be fed by doctors in particular.

In this case, the mother can not breastfeed her baby, can not hold her arms, can not smell.

In such a case, the support of the parents will help them feel better knowing that the process is temporary and that they will surely take their babies.

Premature babies need a special and intensive care because they have a weaker immune system compared to other babies!

In the womb comfortable and in a safe environment living babies are not very strong even when they are born at the time, while premature births cause the defense systems to become even weaker.

Therefore, nutrition and care for premature babies is vital. Will come from outside for a while against the risk of infection are kept in isolated special areas, breast milk in particular, should be fed carefully.

The premature baby who is well nourished and away from the factors that may cause infection will have the opportunity to grow and strengthen the immune system in a short time.

The development of premature babies may stay behind their peers for a while!

The age of babies is calculated not from the date of fertilization but from the day they were born.

For this reason, born out of 40 weeks development of premature babies may not be on the same level as their peers.

This is normal. Parents of babies born in time with the development of premature babies physical, cognitive, emotional and social should not compare their development.

Don't worry, he won't be any different from his peers soon.

How are premature babies breastfed? You can watch our video.

32-week-old babies can be fed by sucking their mother!

Babies can survive on average at the 28th week and latest at 42 weeks.

Infants born before the 32nd week do not develop their absorption reflex and therefore cannot absorb their mothers when they are born and are fed with medical equipment.

But Babies born 32 weeks they can absorb their mothers safely because they can develop absorption reflex.

The dream of every parent is to give birth on time and give birth to a healthy baby. However, parents should be prepared for everything and keep the possibility of premature birth in a corner of their minds.

If you have a calm and conscious attitude in such a situation, your baby will survive the process in the most healthy way.

Premature babies Having all the necessary information will make it easier for you to cope with the process.