What is Ultrasound?

What is Ultrasound?

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X-rays do not use ultrasonography is one of the most used imaging tools in medicine. Especially if you are curious about ultrasonography which is indispensable during pregnancy Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Assoc. Dr. View Cem's Full Profile It explains.

What is Ultrasound?

Assoc. Dr. View Cem's Full Profile Ultrasound uses sound waves at a frequency that the human ear cannot hear. Ultrasound has now become a routine practice in obstetrics and gynecology and is an indispensable condition of pregnancy follow-up. Today, ultrasound has become a normal habit for all pregnancy follow-ups. Therefore, when the pregnant woman goes to pregnancy control, an ultrasound is performed.

What is the benefit of ultrasound?

Assoc. Dr. View Cem's Full Profile There's a benefit. Each month, it reinforces the possibility of recognizing the development or pathology of a different organ. You can detect a condition that is overlooked during your previous routine examination. However, there is no medical necessity for ultrasonography to be performed whenever the error occurs.

Are there any harm to having an ultrasound?

Assoc. Dr. View Cem's Full Profile No not. Because ultrasound is subject to an extra fee abroad, it is not accepted to be written or taken from insurance every time. In this respect it is not done every month. doctors and comforting himself by making the patient at a time for free in Turkey is going to be happy to see the baby as well as patients.

When should ultrasound be performed?

Assoc. Dr. View Cem's Full Profile It must be done as a medical requirement at 11th week, 2.5 - 3 months, 5th - 6th months and 32 - 34 weeks. At the 11th week, the nuchal thickness of the baby is examined. A 2-point screening test is performed by measuring nuchal translucency. If this ultrasonographic examination and 2-test results are normal, a 3-point screening test at 4 - 5 months is not necessary.

In what extra cases is ultrasound examination necessary?

Assoc. Dr. View Cem's Full Profile If the patient has a slight bleeding during pregnancy, it should be examined ultrasonographically. Thus, it is determined whether pregnancy is in the uterus. In addition, the presence of a bleeding area, the threat of miscarriage, detection of baby's heart movements, such as ultrasound is needed in extra cases. In the following months, whether the placenta is separated from the anterior or decreased water is examined. If the baby is suspected to have growth retardation, both Doppler and ultrasound are used.

What is Doppler? Why use Doppler?

Assoc. Dr. View Cem's Full Profile Doopler is a system that measures blood flow with sound waves. The blood vessels of the veins and veins leading to the baby provide the measurement of both the resistance in the main vessels within the uterus and the brain and heart. Since it is among the methods that measure whether the baby will get into trouble or not, the doppler is used when the mother has a complaint such as high blood pressure or diabetes, if the doctor recommends it. Doppler is not required in all patients.

What is 3D ultrasonography, how is it done, what are the benefits?

Assoc. Dr. View Cem's Full Profile Routine ultrasound can detect possible anomalies in infants at a rate of 60 to 70 percent. It is impossible to accept such a thing. There is no joke for the patient who has no complaints.

Does vaginal ultrasound harm the baby?

Assoc. Dr. View Cem's Full Profile In the first examination, vaginal examination is performed. This is not a problem in terms of mother and baby health. If the mother does not have a smear test for at least one year during this first examination, Pap Smear is performed. If an infection is detected, it is treated.

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