Super smart gadgets that help when your baby gets sick

Super smart gadgets that help when your baby gets sick

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It's so scary when your baby get sick. They're're terrified. And nobody's sleeping.

We can't help you with those 3 a.m. But keeping these smart products on hand can help with some of the more daunting aspects of sick-baby care: stuffy noses, fevers, coughing, and delivering medicine.

  • Nosefrida

    Ask a couple of parents for their registry must-haves and you'll probably hear about this clever little doodad from each one of them. One end goes in your baby's nose, one end goes in your mouth – and a little blue filter in between keeps anything icky from getting to you. When your baby breathes better, everyone's happy.

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  • Modern thermometers

    Fevers are dangerous in infants: if your baby gets a fever of over 100.4 degrees (Fahrenheit) in her first three months, 101 degrees from 3 to 6 months, or 103 degrees if she’s 6 months or older (note: Your doctor may have different guidelines; ask for them and follow them).

    These are very specific numbers – when you're worried, you'll want to use the most accurate type of thermometer, which is rectal. Since taking a baby's temperature rectally is a nervewracking business, look for a thermometer that won't let you insert the tip too far, like the simple Vicks Baby Thermometer ($20).

    If your baby's not near the "call the doctor" zone and you just want to monitor their temperature, a non-contact thermometer like the one made by Equinox or a thermometer in the form of a wearable patch that communicates with your phone like the TempTraq pictured above, can be very useful.

  • Medicine dispensers

    Measuring out a dose of medicine is harder than you think – and feeding it to your baby even harder. The droppers that come with baby medicines are generally hard to use. Make it easy to deliver medications with an easy-to-read oral syringe or a medication-delivering pacifier like this parent-beloved set from Rumble Tuff.

    Of course, check with your doctor before giving your baby any medication, even if it's over-the-counter or homeopathic.

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  • BabyComfy Hydrator

    When your baby is dehydrated, getting fluids in can be a dicey prospect. This inexpensive little device works like a big syringe, is easy for a parent to hold one-handed and for a baby to lick/suck. It also has milliliter markings on the side, so you can see exactly how much liquid your child has taken.

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Good luck out there, parents. Taking care of a sick baby is not going to wind up on anyone's list of favorite activities, but you'll make it through.

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