Is it true that babies who skip the crawling stage may have learning problems later?

Is it true that babies who skip the crawling stage may have learning problems later?

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No, as long as your baby is able to coordinate each side of his body and uses his arms and legs equally, he'll be fine. "Some children just have excellent gross motor skills early on and are ready to walk sooner," says Susan Buttross, professor of pediatrics and chief of the division of child development and behavioral pediatrics at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson.

Years ago, Buttross explains, it was theorized that skipping the milestone of crawling caused learning disabilities and other developmental problems down the road. The result was an expensive therapy that involved teaching children with learning problems (even teenagers!) to crawl. There's never been any evidence that this therapy was helpful, says Buttross.

Some experts say that babies these days may crawl later or even skip the milestone altogether, perhaps because most are now placed on their back rather than on their tummy to sleep (to reduce the risk of SIDS). Whatever the reason, it's nothing to worry about most of the time.

But if a child has stiffness or weakness that prevents him from crawling, talk to his doctor. Otherwise, it's onward and upward — with a creep, a roll, a scoot, or a hurry-up-and-toddle!

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